How Many Workhouses Were Established And When Were They Abolished?


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It was not until as late as 1868 that the whole country was covered with a workhouse usually built within approximately 20 miles of another. Even then some areas were still not covered being exempt and covered by private arrangements.

In 1908 old age pensions were introduced followed by state sick pay and unemployment insurance. As a result in 1911 the Poor Law Workhouses became known as Poor Law Institutions but very little had really changed other than the name. The number of "workhouses" in 1926 stood at around 600 and these housed nearly 250,000 people.

However the 1929 Local Government Act abolished these Workhouses and the parishes responsibilities were then handed over to the local borough and county councils.

Most councils transformed these workhouses into hospitals or to provide care predominantly for the elderly. Although this seemed an improvement most people still viewed the premises as a workhouse.

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