What Is The History Of PTC?


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Pakistan Tobacco Company (PTC) is a child company of British American Tobacco (BAT), which is the largest multinational tobacco group in the world, and its brands are sold in 180 markets around the world. Until mid 1990's PTC had been a top fragment company because after that its performance started to falter, its market control was lost and gossips began to spread out that the company is going to close and the shareholders are withdrawing. A drastic change was needed where fears/challenges were raised and argued.

Pakistan Tobacco Company (PTC) was established in 1947. At that time PTC was the first international company of Pakistan. At first they just had a warehouse at Karachi port then they get fame and become one of the largest tobacco companies in Pakistan. PTC has excelled very fast in Pakistan because of innovations and breakthroughs in Pakistan. PTC is now proud of its accomplishments, customs, and traditions and from sharing and learning experience from BAT (parent company) with in Pakistan. PTC is a leader of standardizing modern brands and marketing activities through which Pakistan's business world has a competitive edge over their competitors. PTC is proud of their standing in Pakistan for manufacturing high quality cigarette brands.

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