How Do You Transplant A Taxus Baccata?


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There are many transplant nurseries which specialise in the transplantation of plants such as the Taxus Baccata. The Taxus Baccata is the scientific name of the English yew tree. One of the most famous transplant nurseries in England is simply called the Transplant Nursery. It is owned and run by the van den Broek family, which consists of five members, namely Rudy van den Broek, his wife Tracy, his daughter Lucy and his sons Timothy and Philip.

Apart from the Taxus Baccata species of trees (which are also known as the English yew trees), the other species of trees which are transplanted at this nursery include the Leylandii Green, the Leylandii Castlewelan Gold, the Leylandii Robinsons Gold, the Laurel (which is scientifically known as the Prunus Laurocerasus), the Portugal Laurel (which is scientifically known as the Prunus Lusitanica). The supply plants which they do not grow themselves from other growers in the United Kingdom.

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