What Kind Of Jobs Would I Have To Do If I Worked At A Theme Park?


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Louise Gorman answered
Theme parks have many different areas to work in. The main ones are rides, retail, catering and maintenance. If you worked in the rides section then you would be responsible for operating the rides and making sure that guests embark and disembark the rides safely, and also that the guests adhere to any rules (such as height limitations and other safety regulations).

The retail section would involve working in different shops within the park, such as gift shops, food shops, costume shops etc. Catering would involve serving food and drinks to guests, taking their orders, keeping the area clean etc. The maintenance section would involve repairing rides and checking that the rides are running safely.

Both the rides and maintenance sections can be quite hectic, particularly with extremely busy theme parks such as Alton Towers. There are also park cleaners, who make sure that the park is kept tidy, toilets kept clean etc.
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Maggie Lopes answered
I worked at Disney World when it opened in Oct 1971! I worked at the Crystal Palace and had so much fun! I enjoy meeting new people and a theme park is the place to be it you do too! There's always so much to do and the behind the scenes people have an important job too! Your cheeks will get sore from smiling, but you can't help it! Most parks have the same type of jobs as any business has, but you are out with the public more! AND you get to dress up! As any place, everyone is important and it takes everyone to make a place like that run smooth!
If I had stayed at Disney, I would have retired from there by 1991 or 1996 and would be on my second career by now! But that's the past and I like what I'm doing now! Just keep checking what's available and apply! The jobs are from a bathroom attendant to greeting people, driving the boats or trams to management! Good luck!

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