Im in 8th grade and i want a science tutor. Im doing high school credit class. What wuld she do if i did get one? What would happen?


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If you "want a science tutor" you must have some expectations as to what the tutor will do for you. In the normal course of events, you would choose a tutor that will meet your expectations.

A good teacher (or tutor) is one who encourages you to discover/learn things for yourself. Sometimes, this means looking at things from a different point of view. That may involve some "play" with real-world objects. (That's what science is about, really.) Sometimes, it means identifying and removing the obstacles to understanding, one by one. Sometimes, it means memorizing facts you need ready access to.
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She would help you understand the concepts better which is a great thing but the only thing is that you would learn it better if you learned it by yourself or with a little help, I'm also  in 8th grade and doing honor courses and what I find helps me the most is call up one of my friends that understands the concept and ask them to help you out and lets say study or do homework over the phone. I find that if you get a tutor you become less independent and then when that tutor isn't available, you will struggle during a test/concept, also talking to your friends and doing homework together can make homework kind of fun. :D
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She would help you where yopu need help but will let you solve your problems yourself and is there to get you unstuck once you get stuck

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