How do prioritize equally important goals how do you maintain in reaching these goals?


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What do you want? To gain more business, to improve your life, what outcomes do you expect. If all the goals are equal, then try chunking them down into smaller parrts - What's the most forceful push you feel towards change. How do your "equally important gaols" fit into the big picture - If you are in business and enter this talk, you may be asked for detail, Be challenged which can affect confidence. Are your goals people orientated, information orientated, lifestyle orientated... It is really true and valid your goals are equallly important. What outcome do you want for each goal. Maintain control of your outcomes will be important. Enlist other people. What impact will each achievement have on yourself? You will have to remember to work with well-formed outcomes. Hope useful start....(Remember there is no objective Reality - only your unique individual perception of what you truly believe).

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