Why is the Obama administration publicly warning about a U.S. Default, and Reid said any budget coming out of the House is Dead-On-Arrival. --- Do Obama and Reid Want Massive Stock Market Sell-offs? Aren't those in the stock market their buddies?


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I think Obama is behind this scenario and is a ploy to get Wall Street worked up to a frenzy and prompt a massive stock market sell-off. If not, then why does he keep talking about default, when he doesn't have to default? The White House has been warning that equity markets will nosedive without an increase in the debt ceiling.The goal is to increase DOW urgency and prompt Congress to act.A sell-off gives the Dems more leverage in its negotiations with grass-roots Conservatives.Hence the "sturm und drang" from Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner.
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Joseph Michael Wasik
Had to look up, "Drang,' before commenting. Confuse the opposition enough to cave ito some or all of their proposals
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Sorry i litter some of my answers with foreign phrases that seem apt.Force of habit i expect.It's German for the deliberate provoking of chaos, uproar and confusion.

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