List three industry standards involving good personal hygiene?


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There are many industry standards that are in place to promote good personal hygiene in the workplace. Although some may be more relevant in one workplace more than in others, there are still some basic standards that can be applied anywhere.
For example:
  • Washing hands
Although some people may often forget about washing their hands, this is one of the most basic and most effective things you can do to help cut down on the spread of germs and bacteria. Wash your hands after using the toilet, before eating food and indeed before preparing food.
  • Keep long hair tied back
In the catering and hospitality industries it is not very pleasant for a customer to find a hair in their food. By keeping hair tied back off your face or in a hair net, this will limit any chance of stray hairs falling into the food. There will be less chance of the employee touching their hair before touching the food too.
  • Do not eat at your desk
In an office setting, a lot of people eat at their desks. This is not very hygienic as it can cause food to fall into the computer keyboard which can become trapped. This can then be spread around the keyboard and desk while the person is working. There is also a risk of the person putting their hands into their mouth while working and this could lead to them picking up stomach bugs and other illnesses.

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