When the planes flew into the world trade center towers, there were people continuing to work at their desks pretending it didn't happen. --- Do you see what's on the horizon or will you continue working at your desk?


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I'm very much aware of what's on the horizon, both in terms of the economy and from a social point of view.The indicators are already here and it's just a matter of paying attention to the facts and figures.That's why we're stocking up and trying to become as self-sufficient as possible.It's vital to prepare for future events,as it's a case of When and not If.Too many are in denial and living for the moment, yet these are the same people who will come to you for help, having laughed at you previously.There's an old English Scouts motto which I like to abide by - "Be Prepared".
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Joseph Michael Wasik
Exactly right. Most people in the USA are completely oblivious to what's about to befall them while they are sitting at their desks.
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What is your point?, is it that important as to what they did in thier last moments on earth maybe they were in shock,show some respect,and I feel that you would be one of those people that would flee any situation if it came to the crunch,walk a mile in somebody elses shoes why don't you,
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I'm not going to spend hours and hours of office time peering out of the window in case Bin Laden and his like have more hijacked planes zooming on their ways towards my block. --This wasting time would annoy my boss and exasperate my co-workers.
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Mr Gloom & Doom - Do you really believe those people were pretending it wasn't happening?! What makes you so arrogant as to presume to know what those people were doing? Tony & Hilary are exactly right and you are completely wrong! BTW-Tony has proof he's not a juvenile-what do you have besides your donkey laugh?
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Thank you,Peggy, for your solid support and your evident plain common sense. [The cheque is in the post :)] Yes, donkeys are OK in their place, I suppose, let them carry on eating hay and braying..
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It was surreal as many didnt realize what was happening and were in shock that this could even happen
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I feel that I see what's on the horizon and I am preparing, but I'm working up til the plane hits.
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Well, when you live in a world where you only have the food to support yourself and those closest to you, you wouldn't be so quick to forfit it to a stranger in need. When the entire country is in need, you must care for yourself and those closest to you. If you gave away food to every starving person who came to your door during a time of famine you'd end up hungry and wouldn't receive the kindness that you gave out. It's sad to say, but that's the kind of world that we live in.
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If Mr. Wasik [God Forbid!] was starving, and Was ik forced to knock on his neighbour's door, begging for some poor scraps of food, how would HE like, I wonder, to be greeted by a rebuff from the end of a shotgun barrel...???
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No one would. But would you rather be taken advantage of by every starving soul during a country wide crisis?
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If I'm not mistaken, you're asking what people did when the planes hit?
Well, I think they were working till the planes hit.
When the planes hit, everybody was either dead or trying to escape with their lives
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Joseph Michael Wasik
There were reports that some remained working at their desks after most others were running for the fire escapes.

These were the ones who were in denial to what was happening.

Apparently,you didn't realize that this question is just an analogy about future events that are just around the corner that many are in denial and don't want to think about these things that are about to happen.

Recommend following Janey who is up on all these things that are about to happen

What do you think?
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I don't think they did once the plane hit the first tower people in the second tower they did still work but once a plane hit that tower they ran for their lives
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I look up to see what's on the horizon, grab, and go... If I wanted to survive this terrible world then it's game time...

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