Aaa-rated municipal bonds are carrying a market yield today of 5.25 percent,?


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Triple A rated municipal bonds have market yields that constantly fluctuate based on market conditions. Therefore, a financial institution that trades in AAA municipal bonds is really the best source for current percentage rates for these items. In general, rates for these bonds, which will differ based on when they are turned in for cash, will range from almost three percent, to almost six percent.

Investment Facts

• Knowing how to invest your hard-earned cash is important; whether you want a high-yield, mid-range yield, or low yield investment is the key to finding the right stocks or bonds to buy. For example, people who want high-risk, high-return stocks may gamble on stock market shares that are currently undervalued. If someone detects hidden or potential value in a stock share, they may wish to buy up lots of shares, and then wait for the company's stock to rise. In time, if the investor's predictions are correct, the stock will go up in value, and the investor can then sell it and get a big profit in a small period of time. Of course, if an investor is wrong, they will lose money.
• Mid-range investments, such as mutual funds, will be safer than stocks (in most cases), since they are sold through investment firms that specialize in investigating the companies they invest in. A mutual fund is a bundle of stocks that is sold to an investor. The mutual fund structure is designed to minimize risk.
• A low-risk investment, such as municipal bonds, will be better for long-term investments. These sorts of investments won't yield a high return, but they are slow, steady, and quite reliable.

Contact the government to find out more about municipal bonds and what they offer to investors. In some cases, these investments can be a great way to get some extra cash over a long time frame.

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