Why do you suppose Disney made no financial investment in Japan one of $140 million in France and then one of over $300 million in Hong Kong?


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I believe that Disney made no financial investment in Japan because it
was the first theme park for Disney outside of the United States. Disney
knew it was a tremendous gamble to place their theme park in Japan. It
was never done before and Disney was afraid of the risk, therefore, it
allowed to work with the Oriental Land Company to create Disney and make
money from the royalties instead and give the Oriental Land Company all
the risk involved.

Disney quickly saw the potential of making more profit by seeing how the
theme park in Japan was doing very well. Also, they were surprised by
how the Japanese enjoyed the every aspect of Disney even accepting
English as the language and American food throughout the theme park.
Disney wanted to gain in on the profit and quickly invested in Paris
which was considered the most tourist density area in Europe as well as
Hong Kong since Korea and Japan’s market has already have many high
grossing and popular theme parks.
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Disney is a hoarder of current shares and especially an investor in tourist countries, where they do a market study on how they can earn more money with their parks, it is not uncommon to see that France and Japan have these amounts of money when both countries have a Disney Park, you can see this on the following page https://www.kaigaifxforex.com/en/top-forex-brokers-reviews/ but if you need more information I leave you that link.

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