Identify three sources of information you may use when investigate a problem or issue compare steps you would take to refine the solutions to a problem with steps to refine resolutions of an issue?


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To identify three sources of information you may use when looking into a problem, assess facts, opinions, and possible solutions. For example, if you're trying to come up with better customer service business processes at a company, you'll need to consider the hard facts and figures, such as how much money the company is making and how much you'll be able to spend on refinements.

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Then, you'll need to know how long you have to work on the project. In the second category, you'll need to look at opinions to decide what positive and negative aspects of customer service are currently taking place. In the third category, tentative solutions that gel with the budget, timeline and circumstances of the problem should be outlined.

By the time you work through these three steps, you should have a pretty realistic sense of what needs to be done in relation to a specific issue. The best decision-making is always accompanied by careful study and research. Often, finding someone else to run ideas by can be an excellent way to get advice that leads to a solved problem. However, it is always possible to solve a problem all on your own...

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There are plenty of different ways to get information during the fact-gathering stage of problem solving; libraries, Internet websites, and podcasts may shed more light on an issue, and allow you to feel more confident about making a decision.

To make the most of decision-making, you will need to develop personal confidence - this can come with age, and it can also come through taking every possible step to research a problem and potential solution. Once you've spent time assessing a situation to the best of your ability, it will be easier to assume leadership by solving the issue.

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