What Are The Different Stages In The Promotion Of A Company?


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The promotion of a company is a very important aspect. It is crucially important for the success of a company. The promotional plan of a company is made under certain critical steps. These are as follows:

1: Situation Analysis: It includes analysis of
    - Marketing environment
    - Rules and laws
    - PEST Analysis
    - Demand and supply trends
    - SWOT Analysis
    - Porter's five forces analysis

2: Set Promotional Objectives

3: Describe your target Market

4: Determine marketing and promotion tactics: By setting Price, Place. Product and promotion

5: Marketing controls:

   - Determine Start up costs
   - Monthly budgets
   -  Sales figures
   -  Market share data
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The process of conceiving an idea of starting a company and developing it into a concrete reality through incorporation is called promotion. The process of formation of the company can be divided into four stages:

1. Discovery of an Idea

2. Detailed Investigation

3. Assembling

4. Financing the Proposition.

There are manySuccess Stories of Entrepreneurs that follow these four different stages for company promotion. You can search it on google.

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