What Does C.O.D Mean In Payment Terms?


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C.O.D means ‘cash on delivery’, and it is the collected charges or the amount of cash upon delivery.  The abbreviation can also mean ‘collect on delivery and can be interpreted as (COD, C.O.D).

C.O.D means that the payment is due on the date of delivery to the recipient.  This can be further interpreted as being a transaction in which the payment for the goods and services is received upon the delivery of the said goods and services.  This is opposite to goods and services that are paid for well in advance, but the concept of cash C.O.D has of late become unclear, due to the fact that most companies are using debit and credit cards.

The abbreviation C.O.D is mainly used in the sense of products that have been bought from a third party person.  This is because most customs require that no payment will be made until such a time when the services and goods promised are rendered.

This kind of transaction usually takes place through a shipping company which acts as an agent, and the whole purpose of this is to reduce the risk of fraud between the seller and the buyer, as well as a default in payment.  C.O.D allows the buyer to make a payment at the time of delivery, but through a shipping company who will relay that payment to the seller.

Because of the use of credit and debit cards, checks and wire transfers, the use of C.O.Ds has become less common, although is still remains the standard method for paying for products and services that are produced quickly.  These services may include pizza delivery, although some restaurants may ask for your credit card number due to an increase in prank calls.
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C.O.D refers to the collection of the charges or cash amount upon delivery. It is an abbreviation of 'cash on delivery' and even 'collect on delivery' (C.O.D., COD).

It means that payment is due on delivery by the recipient. It can be thus a financial transaction in which the payment which is charged for the products and/or services that have been received is made at the point of the actual delivery as opposed to those which are paid for in advance. However, it is important to note that the notion of cash in a C.O.D is often hazy since many companies also accept credit cards, debit cards or checks.

This abbreviation is largely applied to products that have been purchased from a third party, since the normal Western custom for services implies that there is no payment is made until such time that the services promised have been performed.
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COD = Cash on Delivery - You pay when you receive.
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Cash or Collect On Delivery. It depends on the company but each means basically the same except collect could be in form of a check and that generally goes against why they flag a customer as COD (payment issues).
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Cash on delivery= C O D
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C.O.D. Means 'cash on delivery'. It was a very popular way to pay for a package back-in-the-day. Most companies do not offer that form of payment any longer. It's still fairly common with company to company business transactions.
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