What Kind Of Workplace Would Henri Fayol Create?


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Henri Fayol was known for his theories on a successful working environment, in relation to exceptional management organisation. The practice of his philosophies are often referred to as "Fayolism." His work was largely based around administration and it's importance.

Based on his beliefs, it is fair to assume that the type of work placed Henri Fayol would devise would consist of a strong body of management. Some of his principles included:

  1. Division of work
  2. Delegation of authority
  3. Discipline
  4. Chain of command
  5. Congenial workplace
  6. Interrelation between individual interests and common organizational goals

Based on these points, we can see that Fayol's ideal work place would be highly professional and adhere to 'by-the-book' principles, however the concept, put into practice, would ideally benefit the entire workplace including the employers. He believed that with a strong centre of management, the entire team would prosper.

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