How are information systems transforming business and what is their relationship to globalization?


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Information systems are transforming business through their ability to share information in an instant. Due to lightning-fast technology, the overall pace of business is rapid-fire, and growing faster every day. For example, meetings and conferences can now take place via low-cost services such as Skype, which also offers free services to users. In the past, sharing information between parties in different cities or countries could be very expensive - long-distance phone calls or face-to-face meetings were necessary.

Today, getting information where it needs to go is cheaper and easier than ever before. Businesses save money, and globalization escalates. Because it's easier to reach out, it's easier to expand a business to other countries, via Internet storefronts that literally service the whole world. Cultural barriers are breached each day, as people use technology to learn more about doing business with other nations. This concept of fast-moving information and globalization contributes to a whole new way of doing business. Cell phone, smart phones, text messaging, and social networking have also transformed the promotional aspects of running a business in the post-millennial age.

Examples of information systems and how they impact business and globalization

The pace of information systems establishes a new concept of "instant" sharing. Some examples include:

• Twitter - This short, text-like social networking platform allows businesses to build their brands before a global audience. Political revolutions and elections have begun to be influenced by mass gatherings on Twitter - it is a powerful tool for change and globalization.
• Cloud Computing - This system allows business owners to sample high-tech software they might not be able to buy outright. Cloud computing allows businesses to pay servers for specific information system services and data storage solutions.

In the future, the pace of information systems will continue to amaze and inspire; businesses will evolve and globalize, setting higher goals in the world marketplace.

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