Is LIC Staffing Services Inc? A fraudulent security guard agency?


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Betty Cheng answered
LIC Staffing services Inc, sounds like a fraudulent security guard company especially when they make you pay up front for training and sessions that should be them paying you since they are hiring you. Unless you are going through a company or institution to receive a specific certificate for a security job somewhere else. But being hired is different from going through a program to get a certificate.
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Arsen Ismintsev answered
Chances are it is a scam, I saw a similar situation happen to someone else.

"A few days ago, my husband (who has been actively looking for a job), fell victim to a scam. Responding to a posting on craigslist that advertised security guard jobs, he was invited to interview and scammed out of $80. He ended up at a so-called security training school that enrolled him in classes and he was told that he owes $300 more in 3 days to be signed up for training. Nowhere in any conversations was he told that was a school and not an employer on the phone. I called our congressman for help, no one has gotten back to me. What should I do? He ended up signing a contract that states he agrees not to sue them, they don't guarantee a job and had a lot of other bogus rules"

You have some options, if you gave them money chances are they will not refund you. You should file a claim on There are many people who get coned while looking for employment.

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