Why is scale of preference important to the first thing and individual?


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* Scale of preference helps measure a person's personality and preferences based on four factors.
To discern why scale of preference is important one first needs to examine the four opposite poles that are found on the scale. They are extra/introversion, sensate/intuitive, thinking/feeling, and judging/perceiving. Each one of these basic poles on the scale determines what a person is like whether they are outgoing towards other people or more intrapersonal. Sensate and intuitive is another area of opposites where one can either be more sensitive or more intuitive about things. Intuitive means that they use their mind more than their feelings.
Again, with thinking and feeling you have those who will feel more and react more based on feelings. You also have those who think about things a little more and react based on reasoning over emotion. Each one of these preference traits determines how the person will work, interact with others, and live their life. This is why scale of preference is important to those who study psychology. For the individual it helps tell them more about themselves and the type of life they will lead.
A person that is aware of their preferences and traits will understand why they tend to go towards certain jobs, entertainments, and other aspects in life. It can also help in deciding what type of individual one will want as a partner in life. Scale of preference is often used by online dating sites to help find better matches. Whether it actually works or not is up to the person on the site. The important part is that if one can understand themselves and what they prefer it can lead to better choices for them in the future, especially with dating preferences and friends.

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