Can Vertigo Be Considered A Permanent Disability?


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I had a c2 fracture and skull fracture 2 years ago after a car accident,I still have vertigo
I also have tittinus and loss of hearing,is the vertigo permanent
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Usually vertigo is very treatable. I suggest if you are still bothered with it, then you need to see a doctor for further diagnosis. Hope this helps, good luck to you.
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Ive had severe vertigo to the point I cant see how to read or write, drive, or even see peoples faces . Its so bad I cant walk without lots of help. I probably look like a drunk trying to walk . I cant even see how to drive . I went to my doctor and have been refered to a neurologist and I saw him and now am waiting to get a MRI appointment from them . Ive had this since mid November . It was light then and on Dec. 28 it esculated into something awful. I wake up each day with it and around 5pm i

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