What Is More Important In Life Money Or Love? Would You Leave A True Love And Risk All For The Sake Of A Relationship Where Love Was Possible But Money And A Secure Future Was Guaranteed.


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There are no guarantees as to what the future holds in this life as regards financial prosperity, so first of all I would say what looks to be guaranteed is likely not.  Money and financial prosperity are transient and at the whim of investors, economic systems, governments, and speculation, so guarantees in that realm are nil.

Secondly, personally I believe that if it is indeed "love" that one feels for another, that it is not just a feeling, but a state of being--a sacred link to another person and to their spirit.   I believe truly loving another is NOT transient, and that the heart is so bound up in this state of "being" with another, that it seems to me impossible to avoid that leaving it behind/sacrificing it for the illusion of security financially would break one's heart and damage the spirit, and that it would result in grief and lasting unhappiness, rather than a promising future for all involved.  If financial destitution were threatening life and limb, I would exhaust all means to cure it outside of selling out my heart and soul and the heart and soul of the one I love.
I understand there are those who may feel differently, and to some this may appear idealistic,  but this is how I see things on this question.
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Love is more important fand, No, I would never leave a true love. But my life has been blessed and others may need the security as time goes on--I could understand that!
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Financial security can be very alluring, and money is important, but to turn away from a truly loving relationship would be regrettable.  If one has had the experience of being loved and freely returning that love, living without it would be unbearable.  What good is a secure future if that future holds nothing but misery?  

Speaking of security, the possibility of love is not a very secure position.  If it doesn't come to fruition, you'd regret it all your life, and if you had had a true love, that possibility of loving another becomes slim.  Genuine love is a self-altering state for both parties and can't be traded for money.   
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I would never risk true love for money or a possibility that could go wrong. Money means nothing to me personally I could live in a cave and make things out of my surroundings and do without all the crap this world seems to throw around...
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If I had the choice I certainly wouldnt leave a true love for money. Money cannot buy true love. True love is enduring. If you enter a relationship with someone who has guaranteed money how long would it be before that person tries buying you. If you love someone truly then you wouldnt care if they have money or not.
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Good question. Both money and love are important in their own ways. Money is important because it provides us with the means to meet our basic needs and live a comfortable life. Love brings us companionship, connection, and a sense of purpose. By the way did you see belarusian brides? I checked several profiles on ladadate.com/belorusian-brides and these girls are so beautiful!

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