Discuss The Probable Causes Of Inflation In Tanzania During The Past Eight Years.any Help?


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In Tanzania, inflation may be linked to the value of the national currency, as well as increased cost of living expenses (food, shelter, heat, light, etc.). In most countries, inflation occurs when food prices soar; this is certainly true in the African nation of Tanzania, where food prices have risen to all-time highs.

Inflation in Tanzania presents particular problems for the citizens of that country, since Tanzania is a third-world nation with very high poverty levels. Higher food prices present terrible challenges to ordinary citizens, who often earn a fraction of what people in the Western world would receive for similar work.

Also, there are few social programs in Tanzania to help those who can`t afford to buy goods and services due to inflation; if they lived in America or Canada, they would likely be eligible for welfare, food stamps, social housing or other services designed to assist society`s poorest citizens. However, in Africa, this sort of support safety net (or infrastructure) is not yet in place.

Hope For Tanzania

• International relief agencies offer hope to Tanzania, despite the country`s unprecedented inflation levels. These agencies operate in many African nations, offering food, shelter, education, medical care and advice to poor Africans. Philanthropic societies and organization may be secular, or they may have religious affiliations. Whether relief workers are religious or not isn't really very important - the services they deliver to the needy are always appreciates; regardless of religious denomination.

There are no signs of deflation in Tanzania`s current economy; how high the cost of living will rise is still subject to debate. For citizens of Tanzania, inflation represents undue pressure to come up with money for the basic necessities of life. Hopefully, in time, government officials can work with economists to search for long-term solutions that make life easier for Tanzanians.

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