If Someone Buy Food Stamps From Another Person Who Do I Call To Report Them To.? The Lady That Is Selling The Stamps Is In Jail Will Anyone Pickup On That?


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Are you mad at the person. If not no one will ever figure it out.I personally wouldnt say nothing unless some criminal activity is going on. That would be a good way of be labeled a snitch
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It's wild that an incarcerated person is selling food stamps from jail, now that should be stopped! However, I would like to reply on Nicegirl06's comment in reference to the person doing the buying should get food stamps.

Most likely, this person does not qualify for food stamps. Social Service sets strict income guidelines for those who apply for food stamps.Normally, people who are buying FS are hard working people who simply cannot make ends meat. They are living pay check to pay check. Their paying the rent, paying utilities, etc. Unfortunately, they still have to eat! And often the funds set aside for the groceries becomes limited. And we have all felt the burden of the increase of the grocery bill most recently.

What's that saying, " the rich keep getting richer, and the poor keep getting poorer." I would like to see the state welfare programs reformed to increase the income eligibility guidelines to include hardworking people - be they single parent homes or the traditional married family institution. It is clear that social service benefits are created to help the poorest of families; ironically, it is the hard-working class that also need the extra help. And its not about a free ride, it's about helping one another, in other words - giving and pulling from the same pot. Don't misunderstand me, I believe their certainly should be firm policies set into place to show accountability to avoid criminal and unethical actions.

But give it a rest- don't judge! A person should know all the facts before he or she starts condemning others. Nicegirl06, maybe you were not condemning but just unaware. Parents have to feed their kids- times are hard. Please, I welcome a response on this subject. I came across this and could not help but give my blurt!
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The misuse of Food Stamp (SNAP) benefits hurts everyone.  If a person doesn't qualify then they don't qualify and do exactly what the rest of us do...  Struggle.

You may report this to your local SNAP office or google search for your states SNAP/Welfare Fraud Investigations unit.  As long as the act can be proven, it will be addressed in one way or another.  I do it everyday!!
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What kind of world are we living in when people are going out of thier way to get people in trouble for the transaction of food for money this is a victimless crime no the tax payers are not footing this bill because their is a set limit of foodstamps on each card so weather the person who receives the benefits or the person buying them is spending them it doesn't matter. For those saying well I'm struggling so they should too. Wow thats a very shameful outlook to have. I can only say we should all eat well in a country this rich.     -The Land of Milk And Honey-  And tattle tales.
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Probably not but you either need to call the jail house that she is in or call the social services office and they can handle it
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Why doesn't the person who is buying the food stamps get on foodstamps herself? I'm sure she'd qualify is she needs them that badly. But in the meantime you need to call the assistance/welfare office and let them know what is going on. You could probably tell them about it without giving them your name if you do not want anyone finding out it was you.
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Ooooh what crooks, how do you sell food stamps from jail,oh my god,someone needs to report this to social services and quick because this hurts all people in a long run....good luck

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