Where is Disney vulnerable? What should it watch out for?


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In its film industry, it should watch out for Paramount Pictures owned by Viacomย  and founded in 1912 (it partners up with several other major production companies today like Dreamworks, Miramax and Weinstein just to name a few to make rated PG and PG-13 films for younger viewers, and are getting into the 3-D films now).
The amusement park in California is vulnerable to earthquake damage. The park in Florida is vulnerable to hurricanes. Naturally an earthquake is harder to predict, loss of life and personal injury would be horrific if a major quake hit near it, leading to billions in litigation. Florida could alert their park of a hurricane and evacuate, however, itย  still could cause tens of millions in damage if not more. The Orlando park is much larger and has invested more heavily in luxery hotels.

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