I Bought A Series Ee Savings Bond Of 50 Dollars In 1994, How Much Would It Be Worth Now


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Savings bonds, when mature, are worth their face value.  You purchase them for half the face value and they mature over a certain set of years.  I believe that you can cash them in at a bank.
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It's probably worth about 900 dollers two a thousand dollers. I believe it's in this rang.you should check it out to see if its worth it..I no its worth a lot..where could you do this at I'm unsure where. Try ebay..     Or some pond shop..or some body..do you wont to sale it ?    
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At this time im just trying to get a feel of what's out there for this type of bond... Are we talking about the same type of bond?
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Hello , I want to make sure we are talking about the same type of bond ...

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