What's the importance of audience analysis?


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Whatever the speaking occasion, the speaker must have a goal. You will be more successful if you know what you want to accomplish and what your audience expects from you. Once you have decided that you can better select what and how to say, and in what order to say.
The audience attending an oral presentation is on the receiving end and normally consists of people with different interests. It is, therefore, important that their interests are analyzed. The depth of the topic to which a speaker can go entirely depends upon the type of audience. The speaker must be aware of the audience's competency in the specific topic. Because of the audience's varied nature in some gatherings, it is essential to determine what the listeners need to know. Moreover, the amount of new information that can be absorbed by the audience must be determined and decided. To this end, it is important to decide what has to be put across to the listeners. A presentation delivered keeping in view the interest of the audience will be much appreciated.

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