What are the nature and significance of business environment in india?


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India is an incredibly complex and diverse country, therefore, it is incredibly difficult to generalize when considering how business works there. There are many factors that need to be thoroughly considered before you think of adopting the business environment such as religion, language and regionalism. You need to be considerate when dealing with customers, considering etiquette, approach and behavior. Consider every person differently and treat them as they'd prefer to be treated.

Most people who do business in the country of India will be in Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi and Hyderabad of a specific socio-economic class. The majority of business people in India will speak Hindi as this is the Central government recognized language. However, fortunately, English is known as the language of international commerce.

Hierarchy surprisingly plays a huge role in Indian business culture, due to roots in Hinduism and the caste system with strict rules on status and social order. Everyone must know their place. For example, there are manual labor workers that are referred to as the "peon", which is essentially a runner, who will be made to do any manual labor work in offices. This can become awkward when something needs moving or doing in the office and nobody tells the peon to do the task, as they cannot act without instruction.

Whenever you meet anyone in India for business, you must shake hands. You will, however, observe actual Indians using the Namaste approach: Bringing both palms together at their chest whilst slightly bowing the head. If you use this, you will be respected by most for understanding the Indian tradition but beware that some Indians may be offended at you trying to use their traditions as your own. You must always use the person's formal title when addressing them, even if you know the person well, to show great respect.

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