When I Was Little My Great Grand-mother Set Up A Trust Fund For Me ,How Do I Find Out And How To Get It?


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Ryan Rugraff answered
I am assuming that your grandmother has passed away? If so, are you eighteen-twenty-one yet? Often there are stipulations placed on a trust fund that regulate how the money will be given out and when. You can ask your parents, they should know something about it. Otherwise you need to talk with the firm that holds the trust fund. Common controls are age, college, marriage, or children of your own, purchasing a house etc.
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tina harris answered
Why don't you ask someone in your family about it. Would they tell you?
Or you ask a attorney about how you could do it..or look it up on line. How to go
about finding the trust fund. And what you should do.it should be that hard.. Just do some thinking..
  Good luck.

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