How Do You Get The Right Address To Write AT&T Corporate Office?


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Unfortunately there is no address given on the company’s website for how to contact the corporate office. There are a few other websites on the internet however, that do give some addresses, although there is no clear indication which of these (if any) is the correct contact.
Yahoo Finance gives the following address as the best contact for the AT&T Corporate office:
175 East Houston Street, San Antonio, TX 78205-2255.
An anonymous contributor on another website has given two possible suggestions:
1 Allen Ctr, Houston, TX 77001 and 1000 Main Street Ste 130, Houston, TX 77002.
As there is no real indication of one specific address to contact, it may be a good idea to contact somebody by telephone or by email. It is possible to send the company an email via their website. Alternatively, the site also lists the following phone numbers for general consumers to call:
Customer service: 1-800-331-0500
Sales: 1-888-333-6651
A lot of customers and business partners seem to have had trouble finding an address to write to and this has caused them a lot of distress. It may therefore be best to contact them at the details they do share on their website and then ask them for an appropriate address if this is necessary. This may help you avoid sending letters containing personal information to the wrong addresses which could have serious repercussions for your bank details or other personal details.
AT&T is the largest provider of telephony services in the United States providing both personal and business customers with a wide range of services including telephone, broadband and subscription television.
Previously known as the Southwestern Bell  Corporation, the company was established in 1983. At present, the company is the 7th largest corporation in the whole of the United States and is the 3rd largest in the state of Texas.
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How can I get the correct address for AT&T  Deferred Vested Pension beginning at age 65.? And how to update my Name and address. I have been searching the web for hours trying to find this. I want the old AT&T address that use to be in N.J.

I would appreciate this very much.
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I have a letter I have written to Randall Stephenson, CEO of AT&T in Houston, I need the mailing address, it is PERSONAL, and he can respond either by mail, e-mail or phone, all are contained in the letter.
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AT&T as it existed in NJ is no more.  The company's home state is now Texas.
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I had ATT for five years then I reported it stolen in Aug 2009 the rep told me I do not have to pay for the calls on it. Then 3 days later another rep told me I have to pay I said I wll not and cancel my contract. They never did and so now from Aug my phone bill is now over 500.00
and they sent me to collections. I have written many letters to them and the collection agency got no where does any one have any solutions they have ruined my credit. For any offence I did not do and it was not even my number.???
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We need to send a letter to AT&T. Please we need AT&T's home office address. Can I get it?
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I have received terrible service on my DSL account. I would like to complain to the proper authorities. I have been charged for a service not performed.

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