Is There A Cure For Semen Leakage?


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Yes, there certainly is a cure for semen leakage, or seminal leakage, as it's most commonly known, but before we get to that, it's important to know WHY you might be experiencing seminal leakage.  

Knowing WHY it's happening allows you to make the changes to stop it from occurring.

Why am I experiencing seminal leakage?

It's pretty simple really.  The majority of people experiencing seminal leakage are doing so due to too much much self-gratification or sexual intercourse.  I'll try to explain as well as I can through bullet points:

  • Every man has an ejaculatory valve.
  • During sexual intercourse, the ejaculatory valve opens and closes to release fluid commonly known as pre-ejaculate.
  • Once enough stimulation has occurred, the ejaculatory valve opens to release semen.
  • If an individual has self-gratified too much, or had a lot of sexual intercourse, the ejaculatory valve can open too much, releasing seminal fluid before it should do.

So what's the cure for seminal leakage?

The main cure for seminal leakage is simply to take a break from sexual intercourse and self-gratification.  This will allow your body to kind of reset itself, and let everything sort itself out.  Of course, I am no medically trained, so seeking the advice of your GP would be an advisable move on your part.  If resting doesn't solve the issue then speak to your doctor about other options.

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