How Girls Do Toilet?


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Joe B. answered
Sitting down.... Or for a public toilet they often hover in some magical balance which defies gravity LOL
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Billy Price answered
Is this actually supposed to be a question or just a bunch of random words badly put together? Either way, you do not make any sense what so ever!!!
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Natalie answered
Do you mean how do girls use the toilet to urinate? They sit on it, with their legs slightly separated, and pee straight down into the water or toilet bowl. Then, they wipe from front to back, dispose of the toilet paper by throwing it into the bowl, and flush. Next, they wash their hands with soap and warm water--if their mothers have done a good job training them.
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Raymond Lee answered
So her pee will flow more freely and easier for her to relax while she pee's
on the toliet.Then when shes done then she will wipe her crotch from
bottom to top.Then she will put on a fresh Kotex pad on her panties then
pull up her panties and then her pants!.Then she will flush the toliet ,then
wash her hands!.Get it Bastards?
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Mike J answered
I hope you are trying to make this a jumble of words and not a question, because this us definitely not a question!

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