I Have A Franc.IOS.I.D.G Avstriae Imperator Coin. What Is It Worth? Where Would I Go To Sell It?


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There is no amount stated on the Internet for a value of a Franc.IOS.I.D.G Avstriae Imperator Coin, so the best place for you to take your coin would be to a professional valuator. Some people reckon that it would be possible to sell this type of coin to a museum, but the most common place to go would be a coin collector.

• How to valuate coins.

The best thing to do when it comes to working out how much your coins are worth is to take them to a jeweler or someone who specializes in coin valuations. If they ask you to sell it, you should politely decline for now and go to visit at least one or two more shops to see if they give you a higher price. Although the valuation given by each shop will not vary greatly, it is always a good idea to get a range of prices.

If you are looking to sell your coin then you should obviously go for the person who offers you the highest amount of money, although it is unlikely that there will be a big fluctuation in the prices that you are offered.

• Coin websites.

Another way that you can find out how much your coins are worth is to look on the Internet on one of the many valuation websites that there are on the Internet. On these you can speak to independent valuators and companies to see if they have any advice or tips on how to sell your coins. You can also get in touch with coin collectors to talk to them about selling your coins, post the types of coins you own on the forums and see if anyone is interested in what you have.

These websites will also be able to give you advice on what to look for on your coins so that you can have a go yourself at working out how much your coins cost. There will also be some handy tips on how to haggle with different valuators.

• Museums

If you are lucky with your coin and if it is not in circulation anymore and in absolutely mint condition, there is always the possibility that a museum or professional coin collection shop would be willing to buy your coin. You will need to ask about and inquire to different places to find out.
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In good condition with gold around 1080 per otz,it could probably bring around $4300.
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