What Role Does Accountability Play In The Pursuit Of Goals?


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Accountability is highly important when it comes to the pursuit of goals and the paragraphs below will explain why.

  • Accountability: Personal goals
The majority of people will set personal goals for themselves, whether it is something small such as finishing an assignment by a certain date, or something bigger such as reaching a desired career choice. Whatever the goal is, there is always a level of accountability if it does not materialize. In this case the person that remains accountable in these situations is the person who has set the goal. If your goal is realistically achievable and you do not reach it then only you can be held accountable.

On the other hand, in terms of career goals, in some cases you must consider outside factors that can affect whether the goal is reached. For example, factors such as economy and education can be held accountable to some situations. When there is a poor economy then there tends to be a lack of jobs for people. Therefore if you are aiming for a career within a sector that isn't hiring, then you cannot be held accountable for not reaching that goal.

  • Accountability: In the workplace
With regards goals set by a company, then there are various levels of accountability. For example, each individual employee must perform at the best of their ability in the job role that they are in. Employees are accountable to an extent if a company is not moving forward towards the goals they have set. This is why the majority of employers carry out a regular performance check on their employees to keep note of how each worker is doing. In addition, managers and head members of staff also have a level of accountability if the goals and targets of the company are not met.

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