What Potential Positive And Negative Ramifications Could Result From Offering Payment Incentives For Physician Participation In Medicare Programs?


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There are potential positive and negative ramifications for offering payment incentives in all industries, all of which can be transferred to dealings with physician participation in Medicare programs.

Offering money incentives for physicians to participate in Medicare programs does have its advantages and positive ramifications. The low pay that is associated with physician careers within the Medicare programs is often not enough to encourage members of staff to put their all into their work. Providing payment incentives will encourage physicians to join the Medicare programs to begin with and tempt current employees to work extra hard.

The Medicare payment amount is in fact 5% higher for participation physicians than that for non-participation physicians. Payment incentives can also be used in a negative way, threatening to reduce hours or salaries can stop workers from slacking and avoiding extra work. In other work environments, payment incentives are used to create a little healthy competition between members of staff. If only a few employees are being given the payment rewards, others will be keen to compete to be the next in line.

Giving physicians payment incentives within Medicare programs can also have negative ramifications. If the incentive scheme is not implemented in a fair way, employees may feel as thought they are not being treated equally. This can lead to rifts between the staff and cause tension and aggravation within the company. While the physicians who are receiving the payment incentives may be working at a much higher rate, those who are not receiving any rewards and feel that it is unfair may begin to reduce their work rate and develop a negative attitude. This attitude can affect other members of staff and give a negative representation of the Medicare program.

When considering implementing a payment incentive for physician participation in Medicare programs, it is important to consider both the positive and negative ramifications in order to develop the best scheme.

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