List Example Of Thesis Title In Marketing?


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The thesis title you use is entirely dependent on what aspect of marketing you are investigating. More information would be required before a specific and detailed thesis title could be formed. Consider exactly what it is you are looking to study and make the title a question that will need to be answered by the end of your research.

For example, you may be looking directly at marketing for children. In which case, you may want to investigate into how marketing is aimed at children and what methods they use in order to make it effective. In this case, the title may be something like:

  • Why is marketing a particularly useful tool when aimed at children?

Then you would go about your investigation trying to find substantial evidence and research that could then form an answer to your question. Think of your investigation as one large response to the question you have set out.

You may take a different approach to investigating marketing; perhaps broadening the perspective. You could be looking to identify exactly what marketing is. In which case, you may ask the question:

  • What is marketing and what are the techniques involved?

The scope of this question is much broader than the one previously as it is not asking about a specific demographic of people. Instead it is asking about the topic of marketing in its entirety.

If the decision of what question you must answer is left with you, then consider your options carefully. You want to go with a topic that is engaging yet substantial and challenging but not over facing.

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