List At Least Three Conditions That Contribute To Data Redundancy And Inconsistency?


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Data inconsistency occurs when different and patchy forms of the same data appear in different places. This can create unreliable information, because you can’t know which one is right or wrong. It is likely to occur when there is data redundancy. This happens when the databases in question contain unnecessarily-duplicated data. Therefore, you can’t have one without the other. And eventually it will result in errors being made as similar versions of the data start appearing all over the database.

The unnecessary data occurs when the database system store several copies of the same information about the same data in various departments within the same organization - where each is maintaining its own database of information. It can also occur when these repeatable data types are contained within repeating fields and separated out into there own tables with their own code of categorization. Redundancy and inconsistency occur when there is a surplus of duplicates, a good example is the use of layout elements that use the same coding for logos and company address information. Therefore duplicates are created that take into consideration colour/address/number changes - but they are essentially the same, leading to the problem of inconsistency.

You also need to take into consideration the type of system that the data redundancy and inconsistency are occurring in. Databases are categorized as per the number of its users, location and data use. In terms of numbers of users, there could be a single-user, multiuser workgroup or an enterprise. Location-wise, it’s either centralized or distributed. And with use, it could be that the data is used for production or something like a data warehouse database. Once you have ascertained what kind of database you are dealing with, it will become easier to target the areas where data inconsistency and redundancy may have occurred and stop it from happening again.

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