What Is The Difference Between Ledger And The General Ledger..?


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blog.accountingcoach.com/general-ledger-general-journal/ you could try this website for an explanation but I think that basically the ledger is where you record each individual account and the general ledger is a ledger of all accounts a company owns. Hope this helps.

Just checked this

financial accounts are normally divided into:

the sales ledger - which are records of customers who buy the business's products on credit

the purchases ledger - which are records of those who supply the business on credit

the cash book - cash and bank records

the main  - (also known as the general or nominal ) ledger - which are all the other accounts of the business

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Ledger – is a book that keeps separate record for each account (Book of Accounts).
• We know that Account or Head of Account is systematic record of transactions of one type.

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