Describe Different Tools Used To Manage And Process Information?


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There are several tools for Business process automation, whereas, Enterprise content management is one of the most used tools in the businesses. This is because Document management, Business process management or business process automation is a part of it.

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IT tools offer organisations powerful assistance in understanding the marketplace and how well the organisation is performing.
1. Database,
2. Artificial Intelligence (AI),
3. Internet,
4. Expert System.
In every information system you will find a database.  One of the first tasks in developing an information system is to design the data model.  A data model describes every piece of information stored in the system, what it means and how it relates to the rest of the data.
Below shows an image of what a Data Model is/does and looks like in a Database.
A database is where all the data described by the data model is actually stored, usually on disk. It has indexes to speed access to frequently used data and pointers from one piece of data to another.
Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the intelligence of machines and the branch of computer science that aims to create it.
AI and expert systems have rules, which may be changed, to model business actions taken by an expert. A good example of this is an airline fare management system. The business objective is to sell all the seats on a flight for the most money. High demand increases the price of a ticket or fare, while low demand reduces it. This expert system increases the fare each time a ticket is sold. If no seats are sold, it reduces the price as the date of the flight approaches. Rules will say how quickly the price changes and if there is a maximum or minimum fare for the flight.
You will find that most systems use Internet; however there are options that you have to complete to view the page.  Some of the options are the following;
1. Subscribe – Where you have to subscribe to the business or company,
2. User Log In – This is the most common system that most business uses.  This is where you have to sign up/register with your own ID Code and Password.
However the downside with using the following is linked with a network, and if the network brakes or crashes then you will find that you will not be able to log in or even assess the page you would like to view.

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