How Can Data Flow Diagrams Be Used In Business Process Redesign?


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amber Jhon answered
A data flow diagram is the graphical representation of an activity, usually an information system. It shows the activities in the context of processes rather than hardware. As it can give the visualization of structured design therefore, it is also used for business process redesign. Basically, the use of circles, triangles, lines and squares can better give the complete process of business. Business managers can look into the operations of the system that how will it operate. Data flow diagram in business processes can tell that where the business process is showing inefficiency. I think data flow diagram is like the graphical map of a house and the architecture is able to determine any fault. Similarly, in business design process when data flow diagram is made for business process then it can highlight the inefficiencies and faults of the process layout and it can be used in redesigning business process.

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