How Much Is The Training Fee For Solas?


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  • Fee
It is impossible to find out about the types of training programs available at SOLAS on the internet. However, you can purchase a SOLAS training manual which includes all the information you need to know about safety requirements at sea. The manual is being sold through Amazon on the UK version of the site for around £95.

  • Rules
There are a number of things that sailors need to know to drive their own boats. One of the most vital pieces of safety equipment is a life raft. The SOLAS safety guides were released in 1974 and one of the most emphasized safety measurements was the use and availability of life rafts. It states that every commercial boat must contain approved life raft equipment; however boats used for traveling a few miles or down rivers do not require them.

  • Different Types
There are a number of different rafts that boats need and they vary depending on how many passengers are on board. Each raft needs to accommodate the amount of people that the boat can hold so in case of an emergency, everyone will be able to fit on a life raft. In addition, different rafts have different anchors however the most common form is a buoyancy tube which inflates with air keeping the raft floating on the surface in a steady spot.

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