What Training So You Need To Become An Air Hostess?


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You can do a short cut, a training course of 6 weeks, instead of one year at collage. You get paid whiles you train, and you must be 19 and able to swim 100km straight. I know you can do this training at most airports' education and learning training centres? But I did my training at Heathrow education and learning training centre. After 6 weeks I got my qualification and now work part time for British Airways - I work/fly on fridays, and come back on sundays. And during the week I study at Uni, its amazing - I get to travel to a different country every week, 2 night of relaxing in 5* hotels, and every week I get 100pounds of expenditure money from BA. Good luck, I hope this info has helped?
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Dont we have to know another language also and some pratical work in hotel or service
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Yes you need to know at least one other besides the one you already know
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For becoming a professional air hostess you need better grooming. There are various air hostess training centers nowadays, which are given grooming services to the girls who want to come in this profession. The major requirement of this job is a good personality which can be enhanced with proper training and an age limit which can vary depending on the airlines. Your confidence level and communication skills also matter a lot to become an air hostess. If you have all such skills and you think that you have basic capabilities which can be enhanced after training then you can join a training center both online as well as from traditional service companies. These companies can sharpen all of your skills which you need to have to get selected as an air hostess. One of the great training providers for air hostesses is Maple and for more details visit the link please!

Air hostess training

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Hi, I'm 15 in july, doing my GCSE's next week ! I think I would have the ability to work under pressure, Ability to work long hours, Ability to work flexible routines
Willingness to be always on the move, be able to hold conversations, Ability to smile, even when you do not feel like smiling.
Fluency in English. I would love to be an air hostess for my options I chose travel and tourism, geography, business studies and salo services would I be able to be one ?

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