Can You Describe An Interest Or Experience That Has Special Meaning To You?


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This type of question is often asked by employers and universities as part of the personal statement essay required for some job applications and courses of study. When faced with the task of describing an interest or experience that has special meaning to you, it is often best to be sincere and honest in doing so, and to take into consideration the context in which the question is being asked.

In the case of entrance or recruitment applications, it can be used to assess writing and communication abilities, as well identify certain key personal attributes that might not come across in the application form but which could mark them out as being a good fit for a particular position or course.  In some cases, it may be used to ascertain if that applicant has a particular disposition or character traits that may indicate his or her ability to 'gel' with work colleagues or an academic tutor or supervisor.

However, it is well-known that applicants often get help with their personal statement, so less emphasis is usually placed on this than other aspects of their application, including grades, achievements, previous job or academic history  and occasionally, psychometric testing.

In some cases, hobbies and extra-curricular pursuits are used in a similar manner, usually to determine the goals or personal interests of a particular candidate and thus their personal potential or get a better picture of them as individuals aside from what they look like ‘on paper,’ especially if they do not have a lot of qualifications or work experience on which to judge them, or if they are changing fields of study or career.

According to the Educational Testing Service of Harvard University, although the personal statement essay is often a good indicator of personal attributes and experiences not always reflected in an application packet, ‘its value as an indicator of writing ability is largely unproven.’  Read more at:
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This sounds like a homework assignment possibly, and it probably requires specific context of what principles you are learning. So if that is the case, and you use what I write here without your own learning, it rather defeats the purpose of your original thinking and individual experience--(and is missing your learning context!!) - the synthesis of what has been taught in class with your own experience. Please keep that in mind.

As a new VP for Fortune 1000 company in the US, it was of special meaning when I was able to gather a group of new managers to accomplish several major goals, to do so under budget, by simply recognizing their talents. I was fortunate to be a new VP to a group in the construction industry who had diverse talents--both in personal approach and capacities, and with diverse experience and preference for budget management, project management, tactical skills, interpersonal skills...

The matter before me was to assess what could be done most effectively by whom on a porject that was three months in-- and with a deadline 9 months ahead. I learned talents through group meetings, one-on -one conversations, listening for interests and enthusiasm, and also be reviewing past performance in particualr tasks. Knowing my own mmgmt style was important - I am particularly comfortable with not shouldering all the task of sorting it out, and relying on others for what they also know, so I asked this group to come together to share information and insights into what they had obeserved/experienced over the life of the project to date. They were honest and direct. I set the expectation that while the final decision would rest with me, that I would appreciate their evaluation and suggestions of how to proceed based on what we had shared. I set up some pretty specific guidelines for providing suggestions and also set up one-one meetings to discuss those suggestions and any issues that would come up during th course of the project. I set some direction by explaining our deadlines and direction, and we agreed on an utlimate goal -- like what would it look like if we did this perfectly... They saw it. (And they ultimately achieved it.)

This team came through like gold. Amazing to observe-- both the process, their motivation, wilingness, and results. Along the way we had many check-in meetings and some additional problems to tackle, but each time, the group came through. Project completd successfully, customer satisfied, were slightly under budget at conclusion. Just an incredible group . I still stay in contact with every one of them, though I left the company. Their leadership potential is still amazing to me as individuals, but how they were able to come together to make it even more will always be somewhat of an incredible phenomenon to me.
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Mine was giving birth. You see, more and more women are finding out that having a baby isn't as easy and timed as one would expect, some of us are told you fool with that boy and boom, you're pregnant. Well for me, it took a lot of tears and patient, I prayed for a child for years, went to doctors, took test, and no reason was found why I couldn't get pregnant, anyway a few years later I got pregnant, at the same time I found out I was pregnant I was also having a miscarriage, lost right tube and was given pretty much less than 10% chance of getting pregnant again, everyone I had talk to who went through the same experience, to this day still doesn't have kids, so I had pretty much given up, and jealous of anyone who was pregnant, and hurt because of the ones who had them and didn't seem to have time for them. But nine years later I had a son, even though I knew he was a miracle and though I wanted more I knew the chance of having another was very slim, besides others factors, there was also my age (30's) but three years later, another son, even my doctor was surprise. They are as all parents say, great little guys, 10 and 7 years old now. And I thank God for them each (40's) now, but wouldn't frown on having another child......
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Giving birth to my kids ... There is nothing else like it.
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Mine was going back to college and starting over over 40. It wasn't easy with two children, but I did it, and now hold a degree. After 22 years designing in the auto industry, I now work in an OR with surgeons.
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Living thought war time! Praise GOD! The birth on my Son! Praise GOD! And all the friends and pleasures I've known! Praise GOD!
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Becoming a christain and through that I have overcome domestic violence, alcoholism, independent working single mom and a wonderful human being ect.... Through him all things are possible.

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