Is There A Formula For Calculating Alimony Payments?


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Alimony payments are described in that these payments provide support to an ex spouse by the other one. It is provided so that a parent can take proper care of the child involved.
There is no specific formula present to calculate alimony payments as different countries got different rules and specifications to grant alimony and one formula won’t be able to cater all the needs. If a child is involved then it is made sure that this issue is given the highest priority.

Some of the points are observed while deciding the amount of alimony payments as like the number of years for which the marriage lasted. The time requirement is specified by the states. The spouse will less earning capacity will get a favor from judge by getting the payments normally known as rehabilitative alimony. The spouse taking caring of the child will be given more consideration and will be given payments until the child enters a school and the spouse starts earning again. A solid basis is required to end a marriage as many states don’t grant alimony payments to marriages ending with faulty offenses. A judge always considers the earnings, assets, the debts of the spouse who will be paying and that helps in determining alimony payments.

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