What Is Equity Law?


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Equity is the name given to the set of legal principles, in jurisdictions following the English common law
tradition, which supplement strict rules of law where their application
would operate harshly, so as to achieve what is sometimes referred to
as "natural justice." It is often confusingly contrasted with "law",
which in this context refers to "statutory law" (the laws enacted by a legislature, such as the United States Congress), and "common law" (the principles established by judges when they decide cases).

for more information, go to en.wikipedia.org
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The above is a good description. Additionally, it can be defined as the law as it applies to remedies. There are remedies at law, which provides for monetary compensation. Then there are equitable remedies, which are more considered with fairness. An example of an equitable remedy could be the court ordering you to do something or stop doing something, aka an injunction.

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