A Written Business Request Is Answered Positively And Promptly On The First Try. This Is An Example Of A High Level Of?


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If a business request is answered positively and promptly on the first response this is classed as an effective way to manager your business.

Other ways to manage your business effectively are:

  • Leading Your Company - Effective leaders have important characteristics. They tend to inspire not command, they will inspire the people around them and they won't feel that they are being led. The effective leader will make their followers feel that they are working on their own initiative.  To do this they have to lead by example and offer encouragement.
  • Running a Business - You need to be prepared for all the different types of situations that will be thrown at you including some situations that won't be able to be prevented.
  • Business Law & Regulations - You will need to be up to date with business law and the changes in regulations.
  • Create Effective Management Systems - You must develop the most appropriate management style.  You should look at the vision for the organization, the goals of the organization and also the SMART objectives. To development these systems you also have to look at what is important to the business.
  • Develop Departmental Communication - It is very important to recognize the importance of good communications.  It is important to not only have regular team meetings but to have individual meetings on a regular basis to discuss progress and problems.

In business management it is very important to use the right tools along with the correct methodologies.  Management is about components that are all interrelated and you have to learn how to balance these.

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