What Do You Think Motivated Disney To Set Up Parks Abroad,and What Might Be The Pros And Cons From The Standpoint Of The Walt Disney Company?


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The Walt Disney Company has always looked for ways to reach a broad audience. In the theme park division of the company this means providing services that eliminate (or at least try to) the worries of every day stresses. This being said one of the main reasons Disney Theme Parks were opened abroad were for the convenience of family that could not afford the expense of flying to the U.S to enjoy the Magic of Disney.  Opening a theme park abroad brought with it a variety of Pros. One being mentioned above.  It has also had it share of Cons one of the biggest being foriegn government red tape with regulations,safety, copyrights, and many many more.  The pros definately out weigh the cons or why else would they continue to open theme parks.

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