How Much Is Business Output Affected By Transit Investment?


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  • The transit investment
By investing directly in mass transit systems and their infrastructure, improves the transit system. It gains its name as a direct result of this. Typically examples in the west are investment in railroad links and roads.

  • Transit Investments effects on business output
Generally speaking, the impact of transit investment produces a net growth to the economy in the invested region. This comes from underutilized resources being accessed by the transit system. Resources can be used more efficiently and so productivity rises. These all represent a net economic gain to all concerned.

  • Examining Some Generative Impacts
Users can benefit by reducing the travel time of trips on the network, which allows allows for greater productivity in output.

Firms may accrue benefits because the transport investment allows more direct input into their production processes. Generative gains can be made where a transit system lowers transport and shipping costs by reducing the amounts of time needed to load, buy in resources, and workers.

Labor productivity can be expected to increase, too with easier commutes for workers.

Face to face meetings are easier to facilitate on a passenger transit level, allowing for easier access to intra-metropolitan areas, and links to airports allow faster deployment of workers to exterior contracts. There has been a large amount of research into quantifying the actual monetary gain from this impact.

  • Access to transit
Access to transit will bring benefits primarily during peak periods, when highways and roads are at their most congested. Benefits for work related trips are usually valued at anywhere from 50% to 100% of the prevailing wage rate for the worker.

Aside from the safety benefits of fewer accidents affecting working patterns, regional income rises as new businesses are attracted into a region. This means that ease of travel is a major consideration.

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