Can You Please Explain How Is Bonus Shares Calculated?


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Bonus shares are give for free to increase the company's reserves. They are allocated to the equity holders without any further cash and they capitalize the company's equity. The calculation of the bonus shares is totally dependent on the constitutional document of the company, however, there are various classes of bonus shares and there is not a standardized method to calculate it. The calculations are based on the conditions applied.
Bonus shares

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Bonus is calc using for example a company is given 1 of 4 that means 4 divided the number of your total stock and that is the bonus you are entitled to
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What is the cost of acquisition DATE for determining the period of holding for long term gain or short term gain s? Whether it is 1 BONUS ANNOUNCEMENT DATE 2. EX BONUS DATE 3. RECORD DATE OR 4. ACTUAL SHARES ENTRY DATE IN MY D-MAT A/C. PLEASE CONFIRM AND EXPLAIN.

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