Do All Outgoing Calls Show Up On The Phone Bill?


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It should be there, so that you know when it was made and how long it was. It's like this so that you know that the company isn't just saying that you made these calls and are ripping you off, in fact I think it's law that they have to tell you about them all. Hope this helps.
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Brandi lol
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just to my uncle but not much. i know my mother doesn't but I'm not sure about my father. he might. but since there's free long distance do you think they'll really notice it?
Jacquelyn Mathis
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Look at old phone bills if you can, and see if the number is on there already.
Brandi lol
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I've only called this month
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Mati green answered
On our cell phones All calls are listed on the bill, and on our home phone, just the long distance calls, both incoming and outgoing are logged, with the date, time and duration of the calls.
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It'll show up but I don't think your parents will realize it if its free cause my parents never realized when I did it  
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Do all the calls that you make come up one the phone bill? I am talking about land lines too.

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