Is Ewc From The Netherlands Transfer Of $50,000 Legitimate?


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Well look at it this way. If one must pay a premium in order to receive what you have supposedly already won, then surely there is a screw loose somewhere?? I also received a similar letter [in Rep. Of South Africa] and nowhere does it say that the $50000.00 is in actual fact yours. It only hints that the $50000.00 is the most that can be paid by cheque, and goes ahead to say that 'if you are a winner'. No, Please do not believe that you can have thousands of $$$$ fall out of the sky from somewhere you have never heard of, straight into your lap. How many cryptic e-mails do you get in a year telling you you have won millions? It is all engineered to get your bank detail eventually. THAT IS THAT.Cheers.

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