How Do I Become An Accountant In The UK?


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To become an accountant in United Kingdom, the best way to go about is to get you an accounting degree or an ACCA.

An accountant degree with a specialization in finance will help you become a professional accountant. A job training in the similar field while doing this particular course would prove more helpful and giver you a better prospect of the industry. Even a masters degree would prove quiet beneficial.

The other option, ACCA is quiet an expensive course for few. But if you are very determined to get into the field with this particular course, then an option for you would be to purchase your own textbooks and study at home. All you have to pay for is per exam paper along with a small membership fee. This fee will provide you material or magazines related to the course. A best way to go about is to do s small time training under a superior, who will fill in a report based on your performance.

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